Help! I found a pet!

You found a kitty, and you think it has an owner – now what?!

First, report that you found kitty to your local county animal control. (even if they don’t accept kitties, you still need to report it in case the owner is looking for it!)

Then, make sure you check to see if kitty has a microchip. Most local vets offices will scan for free! Be sure to report to local rescues, humane societies, and shelters.

Post on social media (Facebook has lots of lost/found groups), and on other websites such as Nextdoor and Pawboost.

Post flyers locally – you would be surprised how well it works!

You found a kitty, and you think it is a stray – now what?!

Still follow the steps above! The kitty may have been missing for awhile and may not look like it has an owner. They may also be fearful due to the scary world outside! If you have reported the kitty and not found an owner, the next step is making sure the kitty is still cared for.

Rehoming a Kitty