Help! I lost a pet!

We are so sorry to hear your pet is missing! We know this is a very scary time. Below are the steps we recommend in order to have the best chance at a reunion.

First, report your pet as missing to your local animal control. (even if they don’t take kitties!)

Check around your house and in any spots they could hide. Be sure to ask your neighbors to check around their house, garages and sheds too!

Post on social media (Facebook has lots of lost/found groups), and on other websites such as Nextdoor and Pawboost.

Post flyers locally – you would be surprised how well it works! Be sure to report to local rescues, humane societies, and shelters, and check in often.


We highly recommend microchipping your pet as it drastically increases the changes of reunion. Thank you to our microchip partner, AKC Reunite, for helping us make sure all our kitties have microchips!