About Us

Saved by Zade is a kitty overpopulation liaison in the Lansing and Jackson areas. We work to connect you to the best programs to fit your needs for kitty overpopulation, as well as foster and adopt out kitties as we can. We are often the ones that are out helping people and businesses catch the kitties that need fixed and coordinating adoptable kitties with the local rescues & humane societies. We are 100% ran by unpaid volunteers, and donations are needed as we pay for many of the needs for medical, transportation, vaccination, testing, and more to help kitties in your community.

501 (c)(3) Charity Status as of 2017.

Saved by Zade is run by volunteers. Please visit the Help section of our page if you have a kitty in need. If you still have questions, please email us at support@savedbyzade.com. NOTE: Help requests must go through our help request page, and individual emails may not be reviewed.