We are always looking for volunteers with a passion for helping animals in the greater Lansing and Jackson areas!Volunteers are the heart and soul of our operation, as we are completely run by unpaid volunteers! We have many different ways you can volunteer. Check out the information below and apply today to help save the kitties!

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Become a Foster Parent!

Our Foster Program helps save the lives of countless animals every year! Fostering not only allows us to help more kitties, but also provides the kitties with more individualized care than a shelter environment provides. Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience, and although you think you may not be able to say goodbye – it just means you can save another life. If you are interested in fostering please fill out our foster application!

Saved by Zade (SBZ) is a Kitty Overpopulation Liaison focusing on the Lansing and Jackson, MI areas.
SBZ aims to stop the reproduction cycle through spay and neuter, thereby reducing kitty suffering.
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is run 100% by volunteers and donations. Thank you for being part of our kitty helping village!