Zade Identity TNR

Thank you for contacting Saved by Zade. Fill in the info below as best as possible so we can help get you to the best resources for your area. If we are able to assist in guiding you, we will email you back! Please give our volunteers time, at least 5 business days. Most of our Volunteers work full-time and have several other obligations, too.

***Depending upon the area of the kitties in need, we may forward you to the appropriate entity or program that can assist you. If this is the case, please consider donating to the programs that are assisting the most and/or helping the program to raise funds to continue their work for others.***

Do you have a Community Cat population that needs spayed/neutered?  Are you in one of these counties in Michigan:  Jackson, Eaton, Ingham, Clinton, Ionia, or Calhoun?  Please fill out this form to become part of solution in helping!

Other TNR Kitty Resources in Michigan:

Michigan Humane Society TNR Resource that you may be able to access to help in your area. Please register at this page for access to low-cost kitty spay/neuter programs in Michigan.

Are you near the Kalamazoo Humane Society Clinic? Check out what they can do for low-cost spay/neuter!

Are you in driving distance of Lansing, MI?  This program may be helpful for you!